Dry Dock Schedule/Prices

Dry Dock Schedule & Prices

MYC MEMBERS                                              NON-MYC MEMBERS


1st Day:            $100.00 + tax                        1st Day:    $180.00 + tax

     (one-day minimum)                                     (one-day minimum)


Every Day                                                     Every Day

After First:        $45.00 per day + tax               After First:        $75.00 per day + tax



Pressure washer rental: $35 per day plus tax


Memphis Yacht Club members get one free “up/down” day per year. Emergency situations will take precedence over anything scheduled. Dry Dock Indemnity agreement must be signed before vessel will be hauled. Dry dock can haul vessels weighing up to 50,000 pounds. Please contact the marina office at 901-525-3808 for more information.



The Memphis Yacht Club was founded in 1902. Now a group of more than 100 members, we support safe boating practices, and encourage Coast Guard Auxiliary boating safety courses for all boaters on the Mississippi River. Our members enjoy reciprocal privileges with many other Yacht Clubs across the country.  

Our Address:
MEMPHIS, TN, 38103
35 deg, 9'2" N 90 deg, 3'23" W
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Sun. 9am to 7pm
Call: 901.525.3808
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